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Overcoming Depression

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the constant cycle of anxiety and depression? It's time to take control of your mental health and find lasting relief. We will explore guided meditation known as “Yoga Nidra”, breath work, and diet changes can help you manage and reverse depression and anxiety...


Breaking Free Of Judgement

Have you ever caught yourself judging someone or something, only to realize later that your judgment was completely off base? It's a common human tendency to jump to conclusions and label things based on our limited perspective and past experiences...

Beyond Illusion

Beyond The Illusion

It's a question that has fascinated humanity for centuries: who are we, really? For many, the answer is simple - we are our thoughts, our bodies, and our experiences. But what if science and Eastern philosophy are telling us something different?

Authentic Elevation

Vincent Has An Extensive Amount Of Experience In The Financial Markets, Selling From Stage, Internal Work, Energy & Healing Work & As A World Class Speaker